Tuesday, July 2, 2013

From Belgrad to Banatska Palanka to Brzka Palanka

Starting from Belgrad I immediately passed Pancevo, which is a samll, beautiful city.

You could see quite often the old Yugo models, which were so far I know build from Volkswagen in the former Yugoslavia.

After a while I met a biker, with a strange vehicle, it was Anick-Marie (blog), who used to work for Lonely Planet, and participates now on a solar bike ralley called "the sun trip" (link) from France to Kazahstan. After 3 hours, we split up, cause she decided to change borders towards Romania and I decided to stay a bit longer in Serbia.

Nice dune areas with rare grass and tree vegatation cover boarderd the roads

After a while I arrived in Banatska Palanka, where the Danube has its 2nd widest distance of around 5 kms.

The next day I passed the Danube with a small ferry.

Just ti give you an impression how 4kms look like - it looks like the sea!

On the other side of Babatska Palanka is Ram with a small castle.

As I somehow like cementries, I had to have a look at one. They are not so beautiful than the ones in South America, but are from my point of view nicer, than the ones we have at home in Germany, maybe except the one in Vienna.

Early that morning I met Dirk from Belgium, who also participated the Solar Ralley. He is a real impressive man, he was already in India, and Nepal with the bicily and did many other trips as well (link).

After a while we arrived in the Iron Gate, where the Danube is flowing through rocky and hilly areas of the Kapetyns.

Once there was even an old castle directly next or in between the road.

This time I was not too lucky with big animals, that's why I want to share this picture of a magnificant beetle with you.

Nice view to the Danube river from a hill.

This night we stayed at this camp ground in Brza Palanka.

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