Monday, July 15, 2013

Ukraine from Bolhrad to Sarata

This morning I started quite early to make sure I'll be within 2 days in Odessa.

After a while a met another cyclist. He is from Japan and now travelling for three years with his bike. He started at the east coast of China and was cycling via India, Nepal, Kirghistan, Kazakhstan, ..., Russia to the Ukraine - his intention was cycling back again to Japan, and he was always staying in his tent - so a real great guy!

Here you can see some nice landscape.

A big difference to the other countries I was cycling through was that I felt the people were a bit more shy - which had maybe to do with the bigger language barrier than in the other countries. Ukraine is closer to Russia than the other countries and that's why I guess, that they have less experience in English. Anyhow the people are very warm and friendly, especially when they see you are willed to try at least to speak some words in Russian language.

The roads were in a really bad condition and I felt sometimes a bit frightened especially when the trucks were overtaking and did not speed down at all.

As I couldn't find a hotel I tried out a trick, the Belgian guy Dirk told me. So I went to a restaurant around 6pm had something to eat and asked if I could put my tent in their backyard - and yes, here we go!

The people working in the restaurant were amazingly friendly, we had nice discussions and a real good time. Here you can see me with Viktoria and Ekaterina.

Here with Aleksandr


  1. Hope you are not staying for 3 years ;-)

  2. hey, i hope you are fine and you have a nice trip... Greetings from Galati,whith friendly Andreea

  3. Hi Stephan, missing You. What about the strange advertisement "start your family with a russian lady", is this your start up comp

    In anyway, grat pictures super stories on your pages, keep it up