Saturday, June 29, 2013

Party in Belgrad and recovering from it

Belgrad has a really amazing nigh life and a really special eating street. You know these very common areas e.g. in Brussels or Prague, where waiters ask you to come in and eat at there place, but Skadarlija, that's the one in Belgrad is really different.

It's pretty cheap and they are offering almost only traditional food there, and, most of the guest I saw there, came from Serbia.

If you are sitting down in one of the restaurants, you should be prepared that some guys will come and play traditional Balkan music - which was not my favorite choice, but anyhow, others liked it.

The Serbian food itself is a bit too fat for me and way too much meat - but I think most man will love it.

As I don't have the camera with me when I am around during the nights, you can click on what Wikipedia tells you about this place: Skadarlija

Afterwards you have like in any big town several options, what to do. I followed Natashas recommendation and went to "shlep", which is basically a boat, where they are playing live music.

For 3 €, three bands were playing nice Rock/Punk music with an experimental Balkan influence.

Check it out:


The day after I did some sight seeing of buildings I did not see so far, here we go:

Again a conclusion: So far Belgrad is really number one from the cities which have been on the trip.

It's more charming on a very authentic, sympathetic and fresh way - it almost seems the town did not loose it's virginity like Budapest and Vienna did - cause beside their magnificent buildings and culture, which is not made for everyday living, these cities are for me like all other cities over the world.

With Belgrad I had a similar feeling than with Istanbul - these places seem to have conserved their identity in the daily live of the people.

So many pathetic words for nothing => Go and explore this wonderful place!

As I do not have any clips from yesterday's concert, I'll share another clip with you, from Steven Wilson in Mexico with Luminol:

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