Thursday, July 11, 2013

Final kms on the Danube Track to Tulcea

After a very long sleep I started around 10am this morning and passed a very nice lake around 10kms after Harsova. The temperatures were not so high that morning, but there was still strong front wind.

After a while I passed an huge wind park, which was part wise still under construction. Enercon and ABB build it so far I could see - the wind park will provide 99 MW (google for it). Ok EU is offering sponsorship, but I assume in Romania they do not have the consumers for this amounts of Energy.

So some people will probably earn a shit hole of money.

Beside huge energy projects I saw some small ducks that day.

Beside Orthodox and Catholic churches, more and more mosques were in the small villages - and the people were living together in a friendly way.

I like this picture very much.

Yes and after 100km I reached Tulcea in the early afternoon, cause the wind direction changed after 1pm so cycling was not so challenging anymore.

Beside horse-carts, some old Dacias, some Renaults I could see many SUVs on the road. I guess that more and more Romanians are discovering sports, that means they have to transport their golf-clubs, tennis rackets, ... somehow and of course you couldn't do this in an ordinary car. Sport Utility Vehicles were build to transport the equipment!

But back to the story. Tulcea looked quite charming, had somehow an international flair ;-) And some nice old buildings as well.

Ok to be honest I am using Tulcea:
  • as official final destination of the Danube Cycle Path to finalize the first part of the trip => Prost!
  • to be close to the Ukrainian border,
  • do a boat tour tomorrow to the Danube Delta

Beside old buildings I would like to introduce my new house bank to you. CEO is Mr. Duke (Graf) Dracula!

To say goodbye from my crow Jacob I decided to offer you a song called "Dead Wing" from Porcupine Tree.

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