Saturday, July 20, 2013

From Odessa to Nechayane to Kherson

Finding out from Odessa was less complicated than expected. Thanks to my Garmin ;-)

I use it just in case when I am not sure about directions and especially for finding out of greater cities. I would recommend you to get the cheapest Garmin available and to use openstreetmaps instead of buying any maps. But I personally recommend to use open source not only on GPS systems since years - but that's every ones decision.

On the way towards Crimea I passed some war monuments and heroic war statues from 2nd world war.

And many Churches... This one was somehow special, that's why I'm sharing it with you.

When I saw this cute small cat I thought about taking it with me. It was only some weeks old and therefore its appetite would have been probably pretty small. But when I had a closer look at its ears and underside I recognized, that this little wildlife animal hat a lot of lice and acarians. => SO no thanks, little pussycat.

That evening I stayed at a small fjord, and yes it was the first time I tried to swim in saltwater on this trip. But somehow it didn't work out in this muddy water...

At least it was the most beautiful place so far for camping.

Next morning when I woke up, sheep and cows were around the tent.

The sheepherder and I had a small conversation as good it was possible. The day before I met an Israeli guy, hitchhiking towards Crimea - he and I came up with the fact, that people in Ukraine are not so friendly and not smiling too much. Yes they are not smiling too much - maybe, but they are amazingly friendly!

This guys were protesting against the government allowing them to position American military bases in Ukraine for doing warfare like in Afghanistan or Syria. It seemed somehow funny to me, but I understand their position.

These guys I met in Mykolaiv. Very nice and friendly sportsmen. We had a long chat about different topics and changed email addresses afterwards.

21 kms before Kherson three of my spokes broke => thanks to the wonderful roads here. Now I had a serious problem, cause I couldn't unlock the cassette - anyhow I made it with the help of Roman who worked at a petrol station to fix at least two of the broken strokes. Now I am sitting in Kherson having no idea if I should wait one more night to go to a bike shop to unfix the cassette and fix the last stroke or to continue. But maybe the answer will arise during the night...

Some old military helicopters were next to the road 1km before Kherson.

This song is from my point of view very special, I think you guess right => Porcupine Tree "Octane Twisted" => If you're annoyed of the music I am sharing with you, please let me know, than I will stop it.

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