Sunday, July 14, 2013

Crossing Borders...

Still in Romania I saw this nice car and truck parking, as soon a litter box is full, they are building a new one - so it came that after each 5 meters you'll find a litter box, great isn't it?

Here I reached the border to the very young Republic Moldova.

For those who don't know Moldova, I attached a Video: so basically all people living in this small country are wearing funny hats and are listening to punk rock.

Moldova has as well some kms of some Danube arms, as you can see on the following picture.

I liked the landscape over there a lot, the places I was cycling through were somehow similar to the areas I knew from Romania, beside there were less people living and the people living there seemed to me being even more poor than on the other side of the river.
But they were amazingly friendly, I heard twice people saying, that god is loving me - and that I should tell this to my friends as well: So friends, god is also loving YOU!

The agriculture in Moldova was also less sophisticated than in Romania, but I think this is quite good for the nature, when you are having smaller fields - and therefore less monoculture.

The streets in Moldova were the worst I saw so far on the trip. Not only the pavement was in a bad condition, the roads looked as we know from American movies in San Francisco => Up and Down all the time...

Some really nice old vehicles from USSR times were on the road.

As the trains...

After 4 hours cycling, I reached the boarder to the Ukraine.

"Time flies" from Porcupine Tree LIVE

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