Tuesday, July 2, 2013

From Brzka Palanka to Vidin

Starting from Brzka Palanka I wanted to head towards the Bulgarian border. On the way to it I passed nice views to the river,

 And to nice and lovely fishing houses, located directly on the river.

Here you can see a church in Negotin.

After 20 more kms I reached the boarder between  Serbia and Bulgaria.

In the first village after the boarder I was a bit shocked, cause most of the houses, there looked like this. So the infrastructure for the EU member Bulgaria looked worse than in Serbia.

After a while it became better and I was able to see the big EU brands ;-)

Arrived in Vidin, the view changed, there were again some nice buildings and many people on the roads.

And, like almost everywhere next to the river, does not matter in which country, old guys fishing.

 Vidin has a quite famous castle you can see in the follwoing pictures:

And in the last picture of the day you can see how hands look like, after 1 months cycling wearing bike cloves...

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