Wednesday, July 10, 2013

F**** the police

Sad but true, my friend Jacob died after less than 24 hours. I think he was too weak and was maybe already lying too long next to the road before I picked it up - shame.

But live has to continue, even we are loosing good friends...

I started that morning in Olenita and had a clear destination in mind: Constanta, I wanted to reach it two days later, that's why I tried to speed up a bit, which was hard, cause of heavy winds from the front and extreme hot temperatures - anyway that day I reached my destination which was Fetesti.

But I will go a bit more in details now:

There were nice shallow lakes next to the road, where many fishermen tried their best to enhance their meals with some proteins.

These shallow lakes were connected with some kind of drains with one of the various arms of the Danube. In these drains you could always see cattle, which needed also to cool down a bit.

That day I was cycling almost 20kms with Peter, who lived in a small town close to Calarasi. He was visiting his brother-in-law to get 10 small chicken from him.
Peter does not have a proper job like most of the people living here - sometimes he works as a brick layer, when friends are building houses, or he tries to get jobs in Germany or Austria. These jobs help him to make sure he can buy wood in winter to heat up his house and buy something special for his family e.g. on x-mas or new-years eve.

In contrast to most unemployed people in West European countries, people like Peter have some animals like chicken, pigs and sheep at their places, and they are growing vegetables and fruits - so that they don't need to spend too much money on food.

He was amazingly friendly to me, after I invited him to a beer (I had a sugar water - cause it was around 10 am) he had to invite me afterwards for a sugar water as well.

Some kms before Calarasi, there were huge industrial ruins, which were from coal power plants. It was impressive to see these buildings - it might look that way when mankind left the planet.

Beside ruins there was a nice, wooden Catholic church next to the road. Peter was orthodox, like most of the people living in Romania, too.

When I took this picture, I honestly thought Romania is somehow like heaven. Horses and cows are on huge areas peaceful grassing - like in wild west movies and all kind of fruit is growing wild - at least in summer time it seems relaxed.

Another wild west picture - in the back you can again see one of the Danube arms.

A nice alley...

Not only me was suffering from the heavy front winds.

That guy had in contrast to me a very soft seat.

Ok, now back to the story, that evening I reached Fetesti how I planned to do. The next day would only a be 70km ride to Constanta. But it came different... As there is only one bridge how to cross the river, I obviously took the freeway (not the first time) - just one km on it, a police car with siren stopped me and told me some stupid stories. I had to accept it and drive 70 km further north to cross the river there - you can imagine how my motivation looked that day.

I decided, not to go to Constanta, but move instead further northern towards the Danube Delta and do a longer stop in Odessa Ukraine instead.

One last sentence on that: Riding on National Roads is much more dangerous than an freeways.

I have really no clue, for what these guys were drilling for - water definitely not, the Danube was only 500m away => maybe fracking?! so the people who like conspiracy theories are welcome to launch some rumors ;-)

When I saw that, it thought I would dream: there were really rice fields next to the road! At least the storchs were happy about it.

Beside rice fields, many huge sunflower fields, corn fields were there - so this area of Romania is extremely stamped by agriculture - from that point of view it is not astonishing, that no wild living animals, beside birds and frogs were present in this area.

I love the clouds here in the east...

The last picture of the day is addicted to the wasting of EU appropriation - there are two 10x5 m LED displays installed in Harsova to show e.g. soccer matches like now.

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