Sunday, July 14, 2013

Last Day in Romania

Yesterday I was not too happy about the fact, that I couldn't cross borders to Ukraine directly from Tulcea to Izmail.

But as EU does not have a common border convention like they have with Switzerland - I had to do some 80 kms extra (in the wrong direction) => so x2 => 160 km.

The road was as well not really flat ;-) But fine keeps me in a good shape.

Here again the Danube.

Here you can see something really rare: a bee-eater => download the picture and zoom in, then you will be able to admire its beautiful colors of its feathers.

Here was the colony of the bee-eaters right next to the road.

Before I was crossing the Danube towards Galati, I saw this nice blue house with thatched roof.

Galati is a town of around 300.000 people and one big company Arcelor-Mittal. As they are doing worse and worse due the fact, that most of the steel production is nowadays in China, people are here suffering as well from unemployment.

In the evening I was sitting together with two nice students from Galati. We were talking quite a while about many different topics. One issue shocked me a bit, that even people with professional qualification are earning as long they are salaried with companies less than 1.000 € a month. That's why they definitely want to go abroad after they have finished the studies.

Who has the benefit out of that? The companies, who can hire Engineers and other qualified staff for almost nothing, and no one from politics takes really care about it...

When we think about European crisis, we only think about Greece, Spain, Portugal => so countries which have the Euro, but no one talks about Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania even the economical facts are here worse!

Again a song: Porcupine Tree "radioactive toy" LIVE

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