Friday, July 26, 2013

alp d'huez => aehm from Simferopol to Alushta

Simferopol is a bigger town located in southern Crimea, which has a charming flair. It is build very spacious, like most of the Ukrainian towns I met so far. When you are in this town, you can feel that it is a Tartarian city, cause there are many mosques not only churches.

Ukraine seems to be a good area for elder movie and music stars... not only David Hasselhoff found here new jobs as Baywatch hero, also my favorite artist Thomas Anders is still appreciated here - Great, isn't it?

Cycling from Simferopol to Alushta means to climb he mountains of the Crimea. hey were really nice looking. I was lucky to cycle in this direction, cause the climb was quite easy and took me only 1.5 hours - so nothing special.

I mentioned already in another post the beautiful women of the Ukraine. Yes they are sexy! And not only they are sexy, also the products they make advertising for are getting sexy - doesn't matter if it are cars or sausages.

Here we go Alushta - it was the first time for me swimming in the sea (in this trip) - and not too bad ;-) The water is very clear, the beaches are stone beaches, so luckily no sand, which gets stuck in all slots...

In the evening I was hanging around on the roof of the hostel I stayed. From there you are having an amazing view over Alutscha. Nice people from Russia I met there, like Evgeniy and his girlfriend from Moskow.

Even the people are great, and the view from the roof of the hostel is perfect, I have to complain about something in the hostel. I am sharing my room with two ladies and are forced to take showers with them...  but as I am also willed to save the nature I accepted it.

The place is called KRM hostel and located in the city centre of Alushta - the staff is anazingly friendly and the prices are great! => You can book via hostelworld or booking.

This song is dedicated for all the people who are suffering under their fellow human beings...

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