Monday, July 8, 2013

Ruse to Oltenita - from now on I am not travelling alone anymore...

Today's cycle trip became much shorter than expected. I started at 8am in Ruse and wanted to cycle until Calarasi - but thanks to the fu... wind, I only reached Oltentia.

But let's start from the beginning:

In the morning I passed the last bridge between Bulgaria and Romania before the Danube Delta. I mentioned it already some posts ago, that there is still an official border incl. border police installed between these two EU countries - seems somehow strange to me.

Here you can see what such a border effects, traffic ;-) luckily you can easy pass it when you are travelling with the bike.

Around 10 kms before Oltentia I saw a small crow lying on the ground. Obviously it had some problems with one leg and it couldn't fly. I cut that huge piece of mud from its legs and had a look at the wings, but couldn't find any serious injury.

That's why I wanted to leave it there where I found it.

In the moment I wanted to leave a lady came and tried to chase off the crow - then she took it in a rough way => I had no idea what she planned to do with it, so I took it with me.

I called he or she Jacob and found out, that he likes bananas, right now he is on the floor next to my bed on a towel and looking at me. I hope that he will survive and that I'll be able to let him free soon.

By the way, Steven Wilson has a song called the 'raven that refused to sing':


  1. Hallo Stef, uli hier.....komm auch mal wieder dazu dein Blog zu ja hammer alles...wasn trip....wünsch dir noch viel spaß und tolle eindrücke

  2. Hoi Loisl!
    Hast du der Frau eins auf die Mütze gegeben, hast die Krähe wieder an dich gerissen und bist geflüchtet? Coole Story, bin gespannt wie´s weitergeht.
    Macht Spaß deinen Blog zu lesen. Bin vor 2 Jahren mit´m Zug ungefähr die Strecke aber dann runter nach Izmir.
    Grüssle Michaela

  3. Have fun with your buddy!