Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kherson => nowhere => Simferopol

The morning I started from Kherson, I had to fix the bike before I could continue. Everything went fine - I've been at the bike shop around 9.30 am and got helped immediately, 15mins later I was on the road again.

If you are planning such a trip, make sure you have your own spare parts with you! In the shop they only had 26" spokes but no 28" ones. As I was prepared for such complications everything went well.

One more sentence about the amazing friendly gentleness of Ukraine people - check out the comments from the post of July 20th. There Andrew from Mykolaiv recommended a person in Cherson who would be able to help me - isn't this great?

=> Thanks Andrew!

Compared to Romania and Bulgaria, Ukraine is a much cleaner country. On the roads towards the Crimea people were collecting litter.

Somewhere in the nowhere I met a hitch hiker from Kiev, who also gave his best to come to the seaside of the southern Crimea.

All on the way southern you could find small stalls, where people were offering fresh fruit and vegetables from their fields.

That night I did not interpret the signs correctly, which lead in wet clothes... Instead of setting up the tent immediately, I cooked and was relaxing ;-)

In the morning after heavy rains the sky looked like this. I really love it to get up early after a night in the tent.

That day I was mainly cycling and stopped only to buy water and food, except his time, where I recognized this nice transportation of living animals.

I met another crazy guy from Minsk, Belarus with whom I cycled 2-3 hours.

That time the clouds had a different shape, maybe it was caused from the heavy winds... Did you know, that not winds coming from the front are most annoying for cyclists? It's really horrible when they are coming from the right - than you need to be very careful with the traffic - anyhow it's a good concentration exercise to make sure you are not crashing into trucks ;-)

The good act of the day ;-) A drunk guy waiting at a bus stop fall down and was laying at the street... I took him, sat him down and gave him some water - and yes he even knew some English words "Thank you very much" he told me. I hope he got somehow home in his bed without further injuries.

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