Sunday, July 7, 2013

From Svishtov to Ruse => rock climbing in Basarbovo yeah!!!

Svishtov, where Rolf, John and I started yesterday was is a cozy small town with a nice pedestrian street and many restaurants and bars. In the center you have as well some old buildings from the medieval. Unluckily the place itself was not too busy, but which seems quite common for this area of Bulgaria.

In the morning before we started with our "small" 70 km trip to Ruse we took a last photo of us.

On the way to ruse it was pretty hot - as you can see even this friendly donkey was trying to get some wind with its tail.

After some 20 kms the road got very hilly and an horrible front wind was blowing in our head - I sometimes got the feeling that "god hates us all" cyclists at least during this day ;-) => by the way this is a song from slayer you can check out on YouTube if you want to... At least I want to share some kind of similar music to you:

L'Enfant Sauvage from Gojira:

One smaller climb was surrounded by pines - so the flora was already changing the closer we got to the Black Sea coast.

People were enjoying themselves in the shade, or drinking lots of beer and absinthe even around 11am. At this time we stopped at a small bar. The entire village was in the bar and enjoying their Saturday - somehow it seems to be a great life here, on the other hand not really, cause as mentioned on the last blog most of the people don't have a proper job!

10 kms away from Ruse I discovered Basarbovo. There you have beautiful limestone cliffs next to a small river.

On one side of the river there was a small chapel build into the rocks...

And as assumed there were some people doing rock climbing on the other side of the river. One group came from Romania and the other one from Ruse.
They were very friendly and asked me to join. So at least I had the possibility to do two routes before it started to rain.

The climbing spot was not too big, big in a very good condition - the grades were in between UIAA 5-9 but most of them around 6 and 7.

On the way to Ruse I was lucky again, cause I was not affected by the thunderstorm.

Ruse itself was different to any city I saw so far in Bulgaria. It had a very nice pedestrian street, renovated buildings, most of the people living there could speak English and people seemed to have, what people in the West call "proper jobs". People from the west would call Ruse also a nice city - in fact it is!

In the evening I went out to have dinner and got into a restaurant, where one person was celebrating his 60th anniversary. One guy with keyboards, who was looking very bored and a Bulgarian beauty with blond hair were doing traditional Bulgarian folk music. I really enjoyed it to watch these guys and the entire birthday party.

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