Wednesday, June 26, 2013

From Budapest via Kalocsa to Sombor

Starting around 9.00 am the weather was not too good in Budapest and the weather forecast predicted the whole day rain. Luckily it was only raining for short periods and during these not too heavy.

With this picture (again the parliament) I would like to say good bye from Budapest.

Many animals were on the track, but unluckily not all of them, especially the wild living ones were not tied with a rope,  and that's why I was always too slow with the camera. At least you can see an goat, which was next to the track.

Around 1 pm I meet David, with whom I travelled together for the rest of the day and during the night. He is from Budapest and was travelling with his recumbent bike for 3 days in Hungary.

The clouds were magnificent, shortly before Kalocsa, I hope you are able to assume it at least, how beautiful they were on that day.

During the stay in the cheap pension we found out, that we are having the same liking for music, e.g. Faith no more, Phantomas, ... and some Jazz

That's why I want to share with you something in between Metal and Jazz => I hope you will like it.

Leave-taking ceremony ;-)

To give you an impression how much food I am eating during a whole day cycling you find a list for today what I had to eat in the following:

  • 100-200g of cold noodles from the day before
  • 1 roll with ham and cheese
  • something sweet from the bakery
  • 2 coffees
during the day on the bike:
  • 80g of chocolate
  • 2 cereal bars
  • 1 paprika
  • 3 apples
  • ca 50 g of peanuts
  • 1 roll with ham and cheese
  • 3 plain rolls with 4 Wiener sausages
  • 6-7 liters of water
in the evening:
  • 1 Twix
  • 1 cold plate with salami and cheese and bread
  • 1 cucumber salat
  • 1 plate with cevapcici and french-fries

I also tried to give you an impression of the beautiful clouds in the following picture, which was taken around 20km before the Serbian border still in Hungary.

That day I was a bit upset due works on the cycle paths (still in Hungary). Over almost 10 km they removed the pavement and filled very fine sand on the track. It was over wide ranges impossible to ride the bike - it felt like cycling in the Sahara. Getting pissed didn't help, so I had to accept it and push the bike part wise there.

Still on the Hungarian side, the places were getting more and more remote and natural as well, it felt sometimes like in the past centuries.

One interesting story I shouldn't miss, Hungarians are using Hallo or Hello for saying Hi and Good by, so basically in Hungary everything is Hello ;-)

The boarder - and this time it was one, not like in the EU, but without any problems and complaints I was able to pass.

On that day I could even watch more animals than the day before, I saw many rabbits, one deer, many storks and even a black one, a golden oriole, one weasel and last but not least an over driven badger. Even it looks quite martial and bestial I see it from a positive point: there was more than on cadaver on the road in Serbia - as these roads are not frequented so much, I assume there are much more wild living animals around than in our western countries.

30km behind the border, I reached Sombor.


  1. Hi Stefan!
    I enjoyed that day and night with you very much. It was a great meeting!
    If you want to vist budapest once again you can sleep in our flat!
    Here is my email adress: sefferdavid@gmaildotcom
    My son likes panzerballett:-)
    Have a nice trip,