Wednesday, June 12, 2013

From Ingolstadt via Bad Göggeln, Regensburg and Straubing to Bogen

This time I cycled from Erlangen to Nuremberg, but took from there again the train backwards to Ingolstadt where I left the Danube 2 days before.

The track from Ingolstadt to Bad Gögging, where I sleeped was a bit dull, thats why I want to share with you a song I was listening to during this time. => Lets sleep together is its name, this time a live-version.

The next day from Bad Gögging started after my fancy: I was able to see a lot of animals like pheasants, big rabbits, deer, huge amounts of frogs and big river carps . 

I guess that these animals were roundup from the Danube floods on the pieces of land inbetween the flooded areas.

Beside huge flooded areas, this part of the Danube has a lot of interesting sights going fore, like the stone bridge over the Danube in Regensburg.

The Walhalla monument next to Regensburg.

The chateau of Wörth an der Donau

At the end in Staubing I was quite lucky: on the occasion of the floodings there was a benefit performance to support the concerned people in Deggendorf. Xavier Naidoo was playing there - and many people came and enjoyed his music.

Another interesting issue of this benefit performance was, that a local brewery from Straubing offered beer for free - people were only asked to contribute their money.

Beside beer and music for free the city of Straubing  has a variety of old and gorgeous buildings like churches etc.

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