Friday, June 28, 2013

Serbia country of the wild living animals

Starting in Sombor a very rare species of wild living animals, was getting very close to me. I was lucky to survive the horrible attack.

On the way I passed a lot of small towns and villages, most of them had impressive churches, which looked very orthodox.

At a stop having lunch in a very small town, two small Gypsy girls joined me and asked me something - due the language barrier, there was no real conversation coming up.

So far I did not have any bad experience with Gypsies and I am not willed to face them as people of lower category, as many do.

Somewhere in the nowhere, I saw a nice well, which is used with an interesting wooden construct to get the water out of it.

On this nice spot I was watching small fish in the flooded areas and after a while I was lucky, I saw some kingfishers flying around - unfortunately I was not fast enough to take a picture or even a short clip.

But: like the day before I saw a badger, but this time a living one. I was really impressed, how close this animal was coming to me, before it recognized me on the bike.

Approx one hour later, there was a small turtle directly on the cycle path.

Nice flooded areas, by the way: in Serbia and as well in Hungary the floods did not cause any serious damages - maybe of the fact, people have not canalised the Danube like we did in Germany - so maybe even we can learn something from our eastern brothers and sisters.

Arrived in Backa Palanka, I was asked by a over and over tattooed bodybuilder if I do not wanna buy some steroids, I bought some and yes, since that day I am much faster than before... just kidding! So beside bars and places specialized for sport bets, selling steroids seems to be another important business factor of Backa Palanka.

Next day I headed forward to Belgrad, on the way I saw again some nice orthodox churches.

In Novi Sad I made a small break. The city looked really beautiful with its anxious buildings, also I had the impression the people were much more relaxed than in the city before.

Pedestrian Street of Novi Sad:

 The fort of Novi Sad:

After some more kms I reached unfortunately Belgrad, the gate to the Balkan.

Over there you can see people celebrating the victory over turkey in a war, which took place in the 14th century. Natasha from the hostel I stayed, said that the Turkish people claim this victory as well - so if in Ankara people are on the streets as well?

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