Monday, June 24, 2013

Budapest => crazy sh...

Arrived in Tiger Tim's Place in Budapest, I was asked to follow the crowd of people staying in the hostel to the famous Szechenyi pool party taking place every Saturday in Budapest In the beginning I was not motivated to join much younger people than me for a pool party, where they would possibly play the usual House crab.

But luckily I did not follow my instinct and I joined the young fellows. And was really amazed by the curiosity of this event. So if you are in Budapest you should definitely visit this party.

I did not have the camera with me, that's why you have to be satisfied with the official video of the event.

The day after I sleeped a bit longer... After having breakfast I took the bike and hat a look at the magnificent sights Budapest has.

I will probably annoy people, who have been to this place with the following pictures, but I was really impressed by the amazing amount of beautiful buildings, which are unique from my point of view.

One of the beautiful theaters, Budapest has.

On the top of the town is the chateau with several churches, and museums located - from my point of view it's even more impressive than the chateau of Prague.

From the top you have as well a beautiful view to the city where the parliament and St. Stephans cathedral are really outstanding.

The synagogue of Budapest, with it's almost intact and quite large Jewish quarter, where a lot of bars and Kosher restaurants invite you to enjoy the Jewish culture.

But beside the popular buildings, there are so many beautiful old buildings around.

St. Stephans cathedral.

And last but not least, some buildings, which are in almost all European capitals present => the so called Heroes Square.

And again a beautiful building, which I can't remember the name.

Conclusion: go for Budapest, the sooner the better!


  1. Hello Adventure-Stefan,

    its great to read your Blog, to see all the pictures
    and get a feeling about your awesome travelling.
    I wish you all the best, great experience and always lovely people around you to help you, if you need a helping hand.
    Take care and enjoy each moment of your Travel-Life!!
    Because these moments and experience are forever in your heart and in your soul!
    Big hug and lots of love,
    Moni xxx
    (I just say "Fürbitte" :-D )

  2. Hi Stefan,

    I really enjoy to read about your adventures!

    Budapest is definitely worth it. I've alos heard about these "swimming" parties from a good friend, but never been to one personally ;-)

    Have a safe trip and enjoy your time :-)

    cheers from KHE