Saturday, June 15, 2013

From Bogen via Passau and Linz to Melk

In the following short movie you can see, how a cross bike with trailer could be used to cycle down on gravel roads. It's not too problematic to keep he bike on track as long you don't break to heaviely and no sharp turns are expected...

Starting from Bogen towards Passau was a bit more complicated than expected. policemen blocked many times the official Danube track when it was running on the damp. But luckily a native Bavarian helped me to cheat the policemen to find the shortes way back to the official track, unluckily he got wet shoes during this short cut.

The Autobahn between Deggendorf and Passau was still blocked cause of the floodings - I assume in this case the Autobahn is called a freeway.

Except the small loop ways I had to deal with, where the police blocked the damp, the cycle track was cleaned up quite well, so I was able to cycle on the official path most of the time.  The path was lined with flooded fields - which amused the ducks, swans and me but probably enrages all the farmers who will lose most of their harvests this year.

Anyhow sometimes there were interesting objects in the flood made lakes like cars.

I only stayed shortly for one non alcoholic beer in Passau before I continued my track. I was pretty surprised that Passau was already tidied up - so not only Americans stand up immediately after catastophies obsessed them - Germans and Austrians are not that bad ;-)

Before we continue this Post in Austria I'll share once more some music with you, it's a pretty old song from Faith no more but still worth to share it with you.

The day I started cycling 5km in front of the Austrian border, the weather was not too good. Anyhow, here is the official picture how I crossed the border.

20 more kms down the stream I had to change the shore with a small ferry.

Arrived in Linz, me and all other foreigners were welcomed in a very friendly and warm way to visit their country. Ok maybe it was just bad luck, there are not only in Austria partys who get most of their votes out of xenophobia. I do not share further pictures from Linz but my impression was quite positive.

In Austria the flood was gone just 5 days ago and flushed huge amount of perfect beach sand over the fields and roads - but still here, everything was cleaned up well and it was never a problem until now to follow the official cycle path.

Beside the huge amounts of sand there was a subtile but distinct decay scent, which came from the fish, which did not find the way back into the river and died in the fields.

These facts seem to be only a little attractive, but they caused in the fact that I was until now almost alone on the track, which I really enjoyed a lot.

Springfield is everywhere, even in Austria.

Yes - beside bad odor, sunken cars, blocked highways, xenophibic parties in Linz and the Simpsons there are many nice buildings next to the Danube.

Especially Melk, is a small beatiful city with an amazing abbey on the top of the town.

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