Friday, June 7, 2013

Summary for the first three days

Starting from Felberg's mountain pass, on Tuesday June 4th at 08.20am. My mother was so kind to carry the bycicle and all luggage up to the mountain pass.

The first km's especially between Titisee-Neustadt and Bräunlingen were really wonderful. The peatland on realtively high altitudes around 1000m was showing it's face after the long time of chilly weather from it's spring/summer side.

After passing the Kirnbergsee I reached Bräunlingen, which is located at the Breg river which is one of Danubes spring rivers.

Afterwards the track between Tuttlingen and Sigmaringen was really interesting from my point of view. The lovely Danube is flowing through a green valley which is lined from many magnificant rocks, which are welcome people to climb. Another interesting point was, that you can watch beavers swimming in this part of the Danube if you are lucky.

The next two nights I stayed with a friend in Inzighofen close to Sigmaringen, in the evening we had barbecues and were sitting afterwards close to a fire until late in the night... During the day we worked at his new flat he is renovating for his and his girlfriend.

After Sigmaringen the track was quite often flooded, anyhow it was fun riding the bycicle through up to 40cm deep chilly water, especially due the fact the sun was pretty hot.

6km ahead of Ehingen (Schlecker Town) I slept on a campside which was located on a swimming lake - and the night was only 3 €... The night at the campside was pretty cool, all animals, birds were shouting like crazy, they seemed to show everybody the passing and power of live they were feeling after such a long period of could and rainy weather.

After this lovely night I took a roundabout from Ehingen via Blaubeurren towards Ulm. This 40 extra-km were worth it. My intension was to find somebody to climb with me in the Blautal - unluckily I did not find anybody on the cliffs, thats why I cycled after enjoying the Blautopf along the Blau-Valley to Ulm.

After joining the Danube in Ulm I followed it until I reached Günzburg where I had to take again quite a long round about caused by floodings - anyway the day was great and will end up in a small B&B located in a restaurant in Offingen.

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  1. The journey of your life! :) cool pictures & very interesting!
    Stefan, du bist irre =D

    Gruß aus weitere Ferne