Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Austria rules but Slowakia much more

Cycling through Austria was a real pleasure, even when Germans and Austrians sometimes have prejudices against each other. I really enjoy it to stay in their country. Even they do not have any seaside at all, they seem to have a mediterranean way of life, everything seems pretty relaxed.

The area in between Melk and Vienna is called Wachau and very famous for its vineyards. A lot of sympathetic small vine villages like the one shown in the picture were on my way. And I still feel somehow a mediterranean breeze just when I watch this picture.

Beside vineyards there was still the Danube which had huge amounts of water in it.

The trip between Melk and Vienna was pretty long, thats why I was quite happy to follow a E-cyclist in her slipstream for some kilometers.

In the evening around 5pm I arrived in one of my favourite cities: Vienna. As it was not my first time beeing there I only stayed one night. But anyhow I tried to take a few picture which might be a little bit unusual.

Vienna's waste-to-energy plant designed from Hundertwasser.

Some nice old buildings close to the Museum quarter of Vienna.

After I got already a feeling for the East when I arrived in Vienna I continued the day after towards Bratislava. This short part of the track looked sometimes like in the beginning of the trip - some parts were flooded... But anyhow after 4h of cycling I reached Bratislava with its famous beauties.

The most famous beauty, Bratislava Hvrad (Slovakian for chateau) is shown in the following

The National Theater of Bratislava

And the Michaels Gate. Beside this old buildings, Bratislava has a very nightlife - so you can assume that many topless Britains and Germans are freaking out, even during daytime...

I feel somehow charmed by the city, as it is not as big as Prague, and not so hectic, but has a very international flair - that's why I chose to stay here for 2 nights and relax a bit, and fix some smaller problems with my bike.

In the last picture shows the most amazing Beauty I met in Bratislava - it's a Viszla, an Hungarian hunting dog. I met her in a bookshop and felt immediately in love with her.

Tuesday June, 18th at 3pm => 42°C ;-(

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  1. Have to see Bratislava...seems to be very nice!
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