Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sudak => Kerch => Anapa

The streets eastern from Sudak were very hilly and therefore quite a challenge to ride - for people who like road cycling these roads are perfect:
  • little traffic
  • good pavement
  • amazing landscape
  • very hilly
People who know me, know how euphoric I am when I see landscapes with nice rock formations. So the first 30 km eastern from Sudak was such a area which made me happy. This area offers huge potential for amazing alpine climbing.

After Feyodosia the landscape changed. It was flat and mainly characterised by agriculture. In some areas there were huge amounts of falcons on the sky. But many falcons means a potential for crashes with cars - here is one of these amazing birds who did not survive...

Yesterday evening I reached Kerch, from where I took the ferry to Russia. The first kms on Russian ground were very interesting - I was cycling on a narrow peninsular between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. E.g. were there huge dunes. And so far I am thinking that God is Russian, cause today was the first day in two months I had wind from the back!

In Anapa I will put my tent on the beach as soon we have dawn...

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  1. I follow your blog. I can see that you are nearer Sotsji, but on the map it looks like you have some big climbs before you reach Sotsji.

    Greetings from Rolf and John,
    ps do not smoke too much.