Monday, August 5, 2013

Anapa => Novorossiysk => Sotchi => Update

The night at the beach of Anapa was not too relaxing, cause some guys from the tested the stereo system with approx. 5 billion Watts from 11pm - 1am and later on a tractor was leveling the beach - so that I only slept about 3 hours that night. Anyhow it was a great feeling to wake up at the beach.

I started around 9am in the morning cycling towards Novorossiysk. It were only around 30km but the roads were very steep and in the afternoon it started to rain. That's why I decided to be lacy and take the ferry instead of cycling the last 200km to Sotchi. And I think it was a good decision, cause my Visa is only valid for 3 more days and it again began to rain in Sotchi...

But let's get back to the pictures:

Novorossiysk is a very big harbour city, with a huge Navy museum in the harbor.  The city had nothing special, but I liked it, cause people were friendly.

Today I arrived in Sotchi. Make sure you have enough money with you, when you are going to this place ;-) But I will come back to this point later on...

In the following picture you can see Sotchis harbour building, which looks really nice. Right now there are almost everywhere construction works going on, so many roads are closed - which leads in heavy traffic jams. Anyhow the city has a great flair, very nice parks, cool spots and bars to hang out and seems to be very trendy.

The promenade right next to the beach.

My hotel was right located in the Olypmic Village, where hotels, etc. are still under construction. And my prejudice was approved, that hoteliers are stinking dirtbacks! In my case I had to pay 100 € per night for a room even without hot water... => it would have been 115 € butt hey were so kind to lower the price afterwards I complained. OK it is still cheaper than to pay almost 200 € in a four star hotel.

Anyhow You have to accept this, when you are visiting a place like this.

Some new buildings in the Olympic Village.

Nice church next to the Olympic Village.

As mentioned I will only stay one night in Sotchi, before I take the ferry to Tabzon in Turkey, where I will stay 4 more days before I take the flight home. It is sad, cause I really would like to stay longer in this region of the Caucasus.

My urgent recommendation would be, that Mr Angelo Merkel and Mr Vladimir Putin should negotiate a more convenient and flexible General Agreement on Tariffs, Trade and Visa issues for both, Russian and EU citizens, instead of doing this with USA!

Before my ferry starts towards Trabzon I had the possibility to go swimming again and walk a bit around.

It was the first time I saw that you could use fish to clean your feet...

Here you can have a look at the beach - it was not too crowded and the atmosphere was chilly. The obviously player music there, but it was Jazz music, and therefore not too stressful.

The art museum of Sotchi is located in a very nice park.

In this park there are a lot of metallic sculptures.

Sotchi is a great place to live. The very high mountains are just behind - the atmosphere of the city is charming and the cultural offerings are also outstanding.

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