Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sotchi => Trabzon

After only one day in Sotchi I had to leave Russia, due me expiring Visa. I decided to take the ferry called Emre to head towards Trabzon.

90% of the people on board were from Turkey and a lot of them were working in Sotchi, to make sure the construction for Olympics in 2014 get ready. Almost all people were pissed about Russia, cause they worked hard and did not get any or only a small amount of the money they expected. So you can assume these people were so happy when they arrived in Trabzon - one guy said, that even the air is better in Turkey ;-)

The trip on the ferry itself was cool, I was sitting with Mert together who is from Bordum, but lived for one year in Sotchi working as an architect. We had an amazing view to the dawn and could watch a lot of dolphins swimming close to the ferry.

By the way, Turkish people do not need a Visa for Russia, why do people from EU need? We annoy Russians in terms of Visa, that's why they annoy us.

I think, it's always better to approach somebody before you are demanding things and blaming the opposite.  
Maybe Merkel and her colleagues should really consider again who are our friends Russia or United States? From my side obviously both, but I think politics and media in Europe try always to blame Russia cause of human rights, freedom of press, etc. - which is good, that's the job of the media, but they should try to be objective and compare these facts with the behaviour of the United States as well.

Arrived in Trabzon I went to the airport and checked the conditions for taking a bicycle including trailer in the flight - and was surprised, that it would only cost 30 € => so there is a reason why Turkish Airlines is the best Airline in Europe!

On the way to the airport I met the by far most crazy guy so far on the bike. Will from London. He is cycling in a Superman dress around the world => here you can check out his website:

The first day I just walked around in Trabzon, had a look at the bazaar and was surprised, that you could walk through in a very relaxed way - not even one person tried to sell something to me. So I enjoyed it really to be there much more than the bazaars in Istanbul or Antalya. In the evening of that day I went to the shore, and didn't believe it, that there were around 6-7 dolphins only 10m away from the shore. I jumped in and tried to swim with them, but obviously they disappeared - at least I could listen to their singing under water.

In the evening I went to the beach, Trabzon itself does not have a beach, if you want to swim you have to take an dolmush (mini taxi) to bring you to the beach, which takes approx 15 minutes, where I was sitting and chatting with Murat one Russian teacher from Ankara.

Yesterday I took again a dolmush to the very famous Sülema monastery. The scenery around was amazing:

  • very high mountains
  • waterfalls
  • nice old trees
and also the monastery was impressing - even I did not enter it. It was far too crowded from my point of view.

On the way back from Sülema I met Selman, Mert and Cleo from Istanbul on the dolmush. In Trabzon we tried to find a place to have a beer, which was quite a challenge ;-) So even Trabzon has more than 300.000 habitats it is not Istanbul - and I assume there are maybe max 3 cozy places in town where you can have a beer.

Again two songs in one from Porcupine Tree: "Occam's Razzor" and "The Blind House"

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