Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Preparation of the trip

Last preparations to start a ten month travel trip, beginning from my hometown Todtnau in south-western Germany cycling following the Danube river from its source river into its delta are ongoing.

  • All necessary equipment seems to be organized
  • The contract of my flat in Karlsruhe is terminated
  • My sabbatical contract with Siemens will start from June 1st
And the very best is, that I am really looking forward to start the trip.  Cycling through unknown places of eastern Europe, visiting people from there and having a lot of time for myself and my hobbies. One of the ideas  during this trip, is to get a closer look to my personality my needs and wishes.


  1. Klingt verlockend....würde mich echt auch reizen. Wünsche Dir Mega viel Spass, Otmar !!!

  2. Hi stefan...all the best...wish you have a great trip...njoy exploring n experiencing...cheers...abhijit

  3. Hi Stefan
    All the best with your Soul Searching Expedition.
    I hope you find what you are looking for OR it finds you!

    From Sunny S.Africa, Lita